Brewing Tips

The Benefits of Cold Brew

Cold Brew is a wonderful pre-workout. No sugary taste, no nasty residue, just pure coffee, and water. Cold brew coffee can possibly help you use fat cells to be used for energy instead of glycogen. Higher amounts of caffeine in Fire & Ice Coffee can boost your...

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Cold coffee (Ice)

In a mug place 50-150ml of cold brew in a cup Add ice cubes Fill with milk Or 50-150ml cold brew in a cup/mug/glass Add ice Cold water for a black cold brew Or Straight Or 50-150ml cold brew Add ice A citrus fruit of your choice for something different Or Add coke to...

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Hot coffee (Fire)

In a mug place 50-100ml of cold brew in a cup “colour” the cold brew with milk, depending on personal tastes Add boiling water Or  50-100ml of cold brew Steam milk as hot as possible, (75/95) degrees pour on top of cold brew  Or  50-150ml of cold brew add boiling...

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