1. Cold Brew is a wonderful pre-workout. No sugary taste, no nasty residue, just pure coffee, and water.
  2. Cold brew coffee can possibly help you use fat cells to be used for energy instead of glycogen. Higher amounts of caffeine in Fire & Ice Coffee can boost your metabolism allowing you to burn more energy as you go through your average day. If you consume our cold brew before your workout will enhance this. Also, the caffeine in cold brew will is known to regulate your appetite and assist you to reduce your food intake.
  3. Studies have suggested that consuming caffeine, especially the higher caffeine of Fire & Ice Coffee can improve your endurance and stamina. In a study of athletes who consumed caffeine pre-exercise burned 15% more energy for 3 hours post-exercise, compared to a specific control group (Mercola)
  4. Fire & Ice Coffee can assist your mental clarity and focus, therefore your chosen activity will have more efficiency and accuracy.
  5. Academics at the University of Illinois came to the conclusion that coffee drinkers prior to their workouts experienced less muscle pain during exercise and were able to do more reps at a higher level and run faster and longer during cardio activity, compared with those non-coffee drinkers.
  6. Coffee contains more antioxidants than green tea, black tea, or red wine. These antioxidant properties can help prevent some cancers, reduce signs of ageing, and help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.